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About The Project

What is Republic of Pigs?

Republic of Pigs

Is a 5800 NFT collection made to start a foundation of community, Each Pig NFT is unique, making them desirable for collectors who value rarity and exclusivity.

The collection is also Upgradeable and will evolve into a Unique Citizen Human Pigs PFP! Competing into top nfts on every blockchain.

Why we Chose Pig Concepts?
Pigs are symbolic in many communities and civilizations around the world. Pig NFTs may be more popular in some cultures than others because of the varying cultural connotations associated with their imagery.

Some pigs were minted for free using ROP VIP Passes:

About our VIP Pass


This passes are exclusive cards of the republic with a supply of 80 only and all are given away for free to our early supporters

Benefits of holding a VIP Pass:
🐽 You will have the highest allocation on the Token Presale/ Airdrop
🐽 Earliest access to the upcoming pfp collection
🐽 Can mint up to 8 Free ROP PFP Collection(Pass are stackable)
🐽 Gain the Special role **Very Important Pig** (VIP)
🐽 8% of Royalties will go to VIP's
🐽 Holding this exclusive card grants holders higher privileges in the Republic.
🐽 Will be eligible for other exclusive Collab WL raffles.


About our Project's Token

$ROP Tokenomics

Sworn enemy of the Pigs, $SNEK has been the top leading memecoin on the cardano blockchain! Inpired by snek we built a strong competitor for the snakes and this are the Pigs from the Republic $ROP

54% - Holder's

Huge percentage of Token will go to Our loyal holders, this will be in 3 batches:
First 18% of token will be on Presale, next batches will be free to all holders via Airdrop or Claiming.

30% - Liquidity pool

DEX initial tokens deposit, along with the presale funds and a percentage from mint funds and royalties. LP tokens will be lock and sent to a multisig wallet for safety.

5% - Utility

For Project development, partnerships and more.

5% - Advisor

Our token Partner who advise us and help us release our token.

3% - Marketing

For giveaways and collaborations.

3% - Reserved

CEX listing requirements, expansion opportunities, future large partnerships, etc.

Project Reality's Build to Earn Game

Build houses and businesses and earn passive income!
Mint is exclusive for NFT and Pass holders only.


Republic of Pig's Roadmap

Phase 01


This is the First step of introducing our Project. Market and spread the good news on what's coming.

  • Twitter & Discord
  • Distribute Free VIP Pass
  • Website Launch
Phase 02


This is where we start minting our first version of our collection, anyone is welcome and can mint for cheap. Holders get a lot of rewards and bounty from minting, a lots of events will happen after we sell out our collection including sweeping events and more.

  • Generate and upload to JPG
  • Minted 780/5800 Supply
Phase 03

Token Presale & Airdrops

This phase is Only Exclusive to our holders, huge percentage of token will be allocated to our NFT and Pass Holders and Will distribute in 3 Batches.

  • Release tokenomics
Phase 04

Collaborations and Staking

We will grow our connections through collaborations to different projects and even different blockchains. We will create staking platforms to earn $ROP and other rewards.

Phase 05

PFP Upgrade

We will upgrade our collection into a top tier NFT: Pigs Evolution to Human Pigs Citizens, this will allow us to compete on every top nft on cardano and even other blockhains.

Phase 06

Build To Ean

Build houses, mansions, businesses or even your own corporation to earn rewards and passive income!

Phase 07

Project Reality

A virtual reality to interact with other Pigs citizens, chill and have fun and connect to other virtual projects in the chain, We will also integrate build to earn and your Upgraded avatars inside.


Meet the Team


Gol D



Collab Manager

Uncle Pig

Discord Security Chief


He Just loves to Smoke

Pig De Pula



First mint phase started at February 8, 2024.

Relaunching phase Will Commence on March 6, 3PM UTC.

Is a Metaverse built to interact with other pig citizens, build houses and business properties to earn rewards! Holding our collection guarantee you to have a property for our build to earn game..

Exclusive card of the Republic, it allows holders to mint free 8 Pigs at the first phase, most of the good utilities of this pass is still a mystery

Cardano Blockchain.

5800 PFP Collection. But only 3860 will be available for sale, remaining supply will be free for all holders

VIP Pass Holder is FREE.

8ADA for Public Mint Price.

We want to build community at first, So it's accessible or affordable to anyone who wants to join the republic

No more Whitelist. All are now available to public




Yes citizen you can check on CNFT TOOLS. Airdrops Varies on Each Rarity, Legendary traits gets more rewards



For our PFP Collection


JPG Store, Only Here and nowhere else

$ROP is a Meme coin built inspired from $SNEK community. This time It's Snakes favorites! The Pig's of Cardano are here to build a fun and engaging community and rewards all of its holders

Let's start minting

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